Tungsten Bucking Bar Expert Set (4 Pieces) - BB-13/17/19/20

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SAVE MONEY: save almost 10% when you buy the set! The Expert Set has a $45 discount compared to purchasing the bars individually, and comes with a free carrying case!

  • BB-13: 1.64lbs, notched side, 1.0" x 1.25" x 1.25"
  • BB-17: 2.40lbs, 0.75" x 1.06" x 8"
  • BB-19: 1.12lbs, 0.38" x 0.75" x 6"
  • BB-20: 1.8lbs, 1.0" dia. x 3.6" length

Includes case as pictured! High quality ergonomic bucking bars designed to prevent repetitive motion injury while bucking rivets. Make your job easier! Each high density tungsten bucking bar rivet block is 50% more dense than lead and over twice the density of steel! All bucking bars are not created equal. Higher density materials, such as tungsten, reduce vibration and kick back while riveting and reduce the risk of injury, strain, and wrist fatigue.

Take a cue from the experts and use what they use. Our wide range of shapes and sizes allow you to properly rivet even in tight or hard to reach areas! Over sixty years of experience have culminated into these premium quality bucking bars, and you can benefit from that experience.

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