Tungsten Bucking Bar BB-23: 4.15 lbs, 1.00" x 1.30" x 6.00" long

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High quality ergonomic bucking bar rivet blocks designed to prevent repetitive motion injury while riveting.  Enjoy easier, better riveting that studies show will result in less wrist strain and fatigue. All Midwest Tungsten Service (MTS) bars are made of our signature tungsten alloy blend, offering the maximum density available with great durability. 

This alloy is more than twice as dense as other steel bucking bars. A higher density reduces vibration and kick back while riveting. It also allows for a smaller bar and therefore more versatility and ability to fit in small areas.

Use what the pros use, Midwest Tungsten Service tungsten alloy bucking bars.

Check out a university study on the ergonomic benefits of tungsten bucking bars.