Pure Tungsten Rod

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Midwest Tungsten Service can cut or custom make any rod to your specifications. We also offer custom alloys. Please contact info@midwesttungsten.com to inquire about custom or out-of-stock sizes.

High quality 99.95% pure tungsten (W) rod conforms to international standard ASTM B760. Material certifications are available upon request in the safely packaged shipment. All material is lot controlled, stress relieved, and formed through high temperature pressing and sintering processes. This rod is perfect for machine shops, labs, research and development, and DIY machinists. Also check out our Tungsten Alloy and Molybdenum rods!

Tolerances: If you need to have your rod within a specific tolerance please contact us at info@midwesttungsten.com before ordering.

Sample Diameter Tolerances:

0.010" to 0.030" (+/- 0.01mm)

0.035" to 0.050" (+/- 0.0005")

0.060" (+/- 0.03mm)

0.100" (+/- 0.002")

0.125" to 0.625" (-0/+0.003")

0.650" (+/- 0.002")

0.750" (-0/+0.003")

0.875" (+/- 0.002")

1.000" to 1.250" (-0/+0.003")

Length Tolerances:

36" (+/- 2mm)

15.25" (+/- 1mm)

6.25" (+/- 0.030")

1 meter (-0)


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