Pure Molybdenum Threaded Rod

$100.60 - $314.43
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Molybdenum Rod has a ground finish and is manufactured via pressing and sintering.  All rods are stress relieved and lot controlled. 

  • PERFECT for ultra-high temperature industrial furnace and hot-zone applications
  • High quality moly threaded rod is manufactured with 20 threads per inch
  • Performance rod you can cut with Dremel, hacksaw, band saw, or lathe to custom lengths for your specific application
  • USA based manufacturing and customer service are here to help you
  • Tolerance: (-0/+0.003" dia.) (-0" length)

Pure 99.95% molybdenum rods are made via pressing, sintering, and swaging.  Use this rod in industrial furnace applications along with Midwest Tungsten Service moly hexagonal nuts and washers.  MTS is an ISO:9001 certified manufacturing organization and has been producing tungsten and molybdenum since 1958.  Free material certs and (Material) Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.