Magnesium Element Cube - Engraved - 1"

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This stylish 1 inch Magnesium cube, engraved with the element's symbol, electron configuration (# per shell), and atomic mass, would make a great addition to any element set/collection.

  • SAFE for all ages! Our element cubes are non-toxic and the edges are rounded for safe handling
  • PERFECT for classrooms, offices, co-working spaces, science departments, and home schools
  • THE ULTIMATE holiday gift, shipped for free!

A note on safety: Magnesium does not react with water unless it is already burning. For magnesium, pieces greater than 3mm thick are difficult to ignite but it is possible when heated to near the melting point of ~650C. If the piece ever does catch fire it should be extinguished with a Class D dry powder extinguishing agent rather than water.