Magnesium Cube

$74.99 - $499.99
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NEW Magnesium Cubes!

After many years of customer requests, magnesium cubes are finally here! These cubes have a beautiful brushed finish, which highlights the silvery-white color of this unique element. It is incredibly light alloy (density of 1.77 g/cc), especially when compared to our dense tungsten cubes (density of 18 g/cc). 

1.500" x 1.500" x 1.500" Mg Cube: 0.22 lbs

2.000" x 2.000" x 2.000" Mg Cube: 0.51 lbs

2.500" x 2.500" x 2.500" Mg Cube: 1.00 lbs

3.255" x 3.255"' x 3.255" Mg Cube: 2.20 lbs

4.000" x 4.000" x 4.000" Mg Cube: 4.11 lbs 


If you love this product, you should check out our tungsten and magnesium cube sets! A 1.5" tungsten cube is a staggering 2.2 lbs, while a 1.5" magnesium cube is 0.2 lbs. 



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