Brand New: The 1" Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set

Brand New: The 1" Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set

Jun 7th 2016

Maybe you've seen our 1.5" Tungsten Cube. Perhaps you've seen our 1.5" Tungsten and Aluminum Cube Set. It could have been on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or our own ecommerce store here! Well, our team at Midwest Tungsten Service is proud to introduce the all new 1" Tungsten and Aluminum cube set, which illustrates the shocking physical contrast between the ultra dense tungsten cube and ultra light aluminum cubes in a miniature set. Aluminum is only 1/6th the weight of tungsten, so you should be prepared to disorient your sense as you hold one in each hand.

Perfect as contemporary art on your side table or as a great desk ornament, we promise that you and your friends will be shocked by the contrast between the cubes! To celebrate the new innovation by Midwest Tungsten Service, you will be the first to experience our third generation of cube stands, offering a clear, crisp, modern design to complement the modernity of the duel cubes.

The new stand, visible in this blog post’s cover photo or on the product page, will soon become available with all sizes of the tungsten and aluminum cube and sphere line, but you can be the first to experience both the new cube stand and new cube set.

Midwest Tungsten Service has sixty years manufacturing tungsten based products, creating everything from mission critical parts for NASA rocket ships to precision tungsten balance weights for professional motorsport racing teams. As we introduce items like the tungsten cube, tungsten sphere, and aluminum & tungsten cube sets, we’re excited to continue providing high quality products and incredible service for the next sixty!

If you have any questions regarding our products, whether shape-related or otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out. Head on over to our Contact Us page to find our number or email Blake [at]