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Tip-top Top Tips


Our tops are designed to spin for a long time. There can be a learning curve for some people due to the density of our tungsten tops. Your spinning abilities will improve over time; with practice you will get a fast, balanced, and long-lasting spin.


1. Find the smoothest, most level surface you can. Our best spins come on a polished and calibrated piece of marble in our inspection department.

2. Try spinning your top both clockwise and counter-clockwise with your dominant hand.

3. Adjust the starting rotation speed down from 100%.

4. Try spinning your top both clockwise and counter-clockwise with your non-dominant hand.

5. Release the top slightly above the spinning surface (not suggest with thin glass surfaces).

Instructions for application of sleeve

1. Place sleeve on top

2. Apply heat from heat gun until sleeve is secure

TIG Welding with Inverters vs Transformers

A question we often get is "I have an inverter (or transformer) unit, which tungsten should I use?"The update to our electrode selection chart below should answer that at a glance. The selection of a power source is determined primarily by the metal type and its thickness. Other considerations should be machine size and portability [...]

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Our Welding Customers' Feedback

At Midwest Tungsten Service, we’re very lucky to count many experienced welders among our happy customers. Below, we’ve provided some real customer feedback that we’ve received over the years to highlight our dedication to customer service. Give us a chance and we think that you will agree with them!“I'm a welding student and this is exactly what I needed. It's quantity [...]

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How Tungsten Wire is Made

Check out our wire selection.Making tungsten wire is a complex, difficult process. The process must be tightly controlled in order to insure the proper chemistry as well as the proper physical properties of the finished wire. Cutting corners early in the process to reduce wire prices can result in poor performance of the finished product. [...]

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Brand New: The 1" Tungsten & Aluminum Cube Set

Maybe you've seen our 1.5" Tungsten Cube. Perhaps you've seen our 1.5" Tungsten and Aluminum Cube Set. It could have been on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or our own ecommerce store here! Well, our team at Midwest Tungsten Service is proud to introduce the all new 1" Tungsten and Aluminum cube set, which illustrates [...]

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Welding Instructors Need to Recommend Their Tungsten Carefully

Arguably the most important piece of the entire Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) effort, the tungsten electrode allows the energy to travel through the heat-resistant material and start the arc, which connects with the base metal. It’s a small and relatively inexpensive piece, but the entire welding effort depends [...]

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How do I select an amperage level for TIG Welding?

Welders are often looking for a good reference detailing recommended amperage levels based on tungsten welding electrode size and type. Although Midwest Tungsten Service only provides 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" electrodes, some projects call for a slightly bigger diameter, such as 5/32" or 3/16".  Additionally, you might have your own preference that fits your unique situation. We’ve [...]

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TIG Welding Tungsten Electrode Selection Chart

Many of our customers are often looking for a good reference for which electrode type to choose while welding different metals. Although thoriated electrodes tend to be the favorite for a one-size-fits-most welding approach, some electrodes are better for particular metal combinations. Additionally, many welders have their own preferences that fit their unique situations. We’ve [...]

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Introducing the Midwest Tungsten Service Online Store

Midwest Tungsten Service has provided high quality refractory metal products since 1958 and we're proud to introduce the brand new online storefront.  You can now purchase our popular WeldTrue tungsten electrodes, bucking bars, cubes, and spheres in an interactive online environment.In the future, we will be offering more of our most popular products such as [...]

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