Aluminum Cube

$29.99 - $99.99
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Start or Complete your cube collection! Enjoy an endless opportunity for metaphors and puns. Shock and amaze unsuspecting initiates into the world of metallurgical wonders. Aluminum alloy cubes are great conversation pieces.

Machined from precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, this cube is an excellent contemporary addition for your desk at work or side table at home. Surprise your colleagues and friends with the cube's density. 

All cubes have polished finish except for our 2" and 2.83" cubes, which have a brushed finish that matches our tungsten cubes.


1.0" Aluminum Cube- 0.1 lbs

1.5" Aluminum Cube- 0.33 lbs

2.0" Aluminum Cube- 0.78 lbs (BRUSHED FINISH)

2.5" Aluminum Cube- 1.55 lbs 

2.83" Aluminum Cube- 2.2 lbs (BRUSHED FINISH)

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