2" Tungsten Cube

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2" Tungsten Cube

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Tungsten alloy cube. High density. Surprisingly heavy. Great conversation piece. Includes certificate of chemical composition and interesting tungsten facts. Machined from aerospace grade tungsten, this cube is an excellent contemporary addition for your desk at work or side table at home. Surprise your colleagues and friends with the cube's weight, yet fitting into the palm of your hand. Tungsten is one of the densest naturally occurring elements, and now you can add one of nature's wonders to your own collection. If you like the cube, don't forget to check out our Tungsten Sphere.


2" cube: 5.2 lbs

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    Even heavier than you're expecting

    Posted by Jonah on Jul 20th 2019

    You are probably looking at this and assuming it will be heavy. You're right, but it's even heavier than that. It's just very, very heavy. The heaviest substance most of us come into contact with on a daily basis is steel. This is over twice as heavy as that. There's really no way to describe this without experiencing it yourself.

    If you want to get technical, there are a few elements that are heavier (okay, denser), but they are significantly more expensive. Pure gold is 19.3 g/cc3, and pure tungsten is 19.2. This cube is a tungsten alloy to make it less brittle and it's about 18.1.

    The people at Midwest Tungsten answered several questions before I took the plunge, and included a nice handwritten thank-you note.

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    This cube is very impressing and I recommened it.

    Posted by Anders Åkesson, Hässleholm, Sweden on Jan 10th 2018

    This cube is very impressing and just for making it even better I also ordered the aluminium cube. People who try to lift says WOW.
    By the way "tungsten" means heavy stone in swedish. In Sweden this metal is called Wolfram.