1.5" Tungsten Kilo Cube with base - Best Seller!

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1.5" Tungsten Kilo Cube with base - Best Seller!

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Tungsten alloy cube. High density. Surprisingly heavy. Great conversation piece. Includes certificate of chemical composition and interesting tungsten facts. Machined from aerospace grade tungsten, this cube is an excellent contemporary addition for your desk at work or side table at home. Surprise your colleagues and friends with the cube's weight, yet fitting into the palm of your hand. Tungsten is one of the densest naturally occurring elements, and now you can add one of nature's wonders to your own collection. If you like the cube, don't forget to check out our Tungsten Sphere.


1.5" cube: 2.2 lbs (1kg)

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    Go ahead, pick it up.

    Posted by Paul Scott on Dec 26th 2016

    I attended a large Christmas party with my new girlfriend and had the aluminum and Tungsten cubes stacked with the Aluminum on top. I first got the children to pick up the lighter cube and feel its heft. Most were familiar with aluminum and thought it was interesting, but not all that much. Then, I asked them to set it down and pick up the tungsten cube. All of them were astounded at the contrast between the two. I also had the sphere there for them to experience and everyone at the party really enjoyed the novelty of feeling something so heavy in such a small package. I explained that there were few metals heavier than tungsten, but gold was one. If a cube of gold that size were available to purchase, at today's price of gold, it would cost just under $50,000.

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    Delightful Desk Dohickey

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 23rd 2016

    What great paperweight and conversation piece for your desk. Weighs over 7 times more than the free included aluminum cube of the same size. Provides a dramatic illustration of the force of gravity and encourages thoughtfulness about how this force interacts with matter. My only wish would be that more care was taken in manufacture, handling and packaging to eliminate, and prevent nicks and blemishes. My nicks were primarily on a couple of the nicely turned edges, so they are not too noticeable.

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    Posted by Ed on Jul 22nd 2016

    When you feel the weight of this cube in your hand, you think WOW! and start to consider how gravity affects us every day, and how physical properties of materials, such as mass are so important in our world. The cube is so simple, but the concepts of mass and gravity (resulting in weight) are so complex.

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    Totally Cool!

    Posted by Robert Thom on Jun 23rd 2016

    I have no clue why, but this cube is really neat. It is freakishly heavy for it's size and is a great conversation starter as it sits on your desk. Expensive...but hey...it's tungsten.