1.5" Tungsten Kilo Cube with base - Best Seller!

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1.5" Tungsten Kilo Cube with base - Best Seller!

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Tungsten alloy cube. High density. Surprisingly heavy. Great conversation piece. Includes certificate of chemical composition and interesting tungsten facts. Machined from aerospace grade tungsten, this cube is an excellent contemporary addition for your desk at work or side table at home. Surprise your colleagues and friends with the cube's weight, yet fitting into the palm of your hand. Tungsten is one of the densest naturally occurring elements, and now you can add one of nature's wonders to your own collection. If you like the cube, don't forget to check out our Tungsten Sphere.


1.5" cube: 2.2 lbs (1kg)

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  • 5
    excellent piece

    Posted by Antun on May 5th 2019

    I have bought two of these Tungsten kilo cubes and have incorporated these in a larger sculpture made of Bismuth and Aluminum. Great conversation piece indeed. My eye is now set on Tungsten spheres.

  • 4
    Awesome Desk Toy

    Posted by Oleg Kharitonov on Sep 10th 2018

    This is awesome. Every person picking it up was surprised by the weight (and density) of this tiny object. I'm glad that I bought it.

    That said, I wish it were machined for a bit longer. There was a scratch on the surface, and the polishing direction was not uniform on one side. I'm just saying that it could've been made even better looking.

  • 5
    Amazing Tugsten Cube

    Posted by Niko on Jan 9th 2018

    Love it. It is exactly what you see in the pics. Looks and feels great; smooth surfaces; perfect balance between dullness/sharpness on the corners.

  • 5

    Posted by Brendan on Jul 24th 2017

    It really is heavy. Everyone I've shown is fascinated by it.

  • 5
    Excellent Cube

    Posted by Corey on Jul 15th 2017

    This cube fully surpassed all of my expectations. There are a total of six sides, each of which is fully square, eight corners, and twelve edges. It is surprisingly, weirdly heavy. The little lucite base is triangular, but interfaces nicely with one corner of the cube. Midwest Tungsten Service also very kindly included an aluminum cube of the same size for comparison, which I greatly appreciate.

  • 5
    A dense cube.

    Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2017

    I simply find it fascinating to have an object like this.

  • 5
    Worth its weight in…

    Posted by Les on Jan 29th 2017

    This is a matter of some gravity. Percentage of visitors impressed so far by the contrast between aluminium and tungsten = 100 (2 adults; 2 children). I will be showing this off a lot in the next week.

  • 5
    Worth $3 Every Time I Show It!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 7th 2017

    Every time I show it to somebody that hasn't seen it, the reaction I get is worth $3 to me. Sometimes more! So, I have already paid for half of the cost in the first week. Fun explaining the properties of W - melting point, etc.

  • 5
    Go ahead, pick it up.

    Posted by Paul Scott on Dec 26th 2016

    I attended a large Christmas party with my new girlfriend and had the aluminum and Tungsten cubes stacked with the Aluminum on top. I first got the children to pick up the lighter cube and feel its heft. Most were familiar with aluminum and thought it was interesting, but not all that much. Then, I asked them to set it down and pick up the tungsten cube. All of them were astounded at the contrast between the two. I also had the sphere there for them to experience and everyone at the party really enjoyed the novelty of feeling something so heavy in such a small package. I explained that there were few metals heavier than tungsten, but gold was one. If a cube of gold that size were available to purchase, at today's price of gold, it would cost just under $50,000.